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essay: #042 :: Sunset Strip

Sitting drinking cocktails.
In wind chill factor.
Clouds moving way fast.
Just like the last time.

Quake in L.A.
4.9 on the Richter scale.

25 aftershocks.
Magnitude 3.5

Sunset's shaking.
And I'd trade a lifetime.
For just one kiss
From a man.
8,000 miles away.


The iceberg's are melting.
Children die in a hail of bullets.
In a Cambodian school.
Pedophiles are set free.
Every day.

Comforting isn't it?
The thought of crazy people.
Just roaming.
Roaming free...

But, right now.
I'm just keeping my eye on the clouds.
Turned down the sound.
For a little while.
Sensory overload.
This amazing life.