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eNtrY #002 :: caTaToNic bliSS ::

pRiVate LynnDie eNgland's worlD is nO lonGeR sooo priVate:
steP- up little 21-yEaR-oLD-domInatrIX--poSteR girL.
combaT fatiguEs are thE neW stiLettO.
vacaNt stares aNd calM demeanOurS
moRe chillINg thaN wORds filtereD throuGh crUeL LiPS...

I dOn't knoW thiS woMaN, anD nEitheR dO I waNt to...
liKe, heR smiRkING faCe oN thoSe phoTograPHs : saY it aLL :

heR lawYers wiLL defenD heR sadIstiC tenDencIes purrING:::
she's jusT a pussycaT, really....
nudGe, nudGe: "buT...siR... I waS juSt folloWING orDers!..."

of couRse you WeRe, little miSSY!
witH that cool, catatoNIC aND remoRsefUL teAr in Your eye,
anD spIke In yOUR steP,
hoW couLD we douBt yoU?

NewzFlaSH: excLusiVe iNTerVIEW {oR} eNGlaND-caM
it doesN't reallY matter which,
becauSe the camERa's whoRed
heR iDenTITY anywaY...

:: psst....juSt the waY she liKes it. :: >

"I felt kindA weiRd doinG it...," shE reMeMbeRed.

spOkeN liKE a truE, custoM-maDe, miliTarY barBie-dOLL.
onLy thiS onE cOmeS accessoRiseD wiTH
S&M toYz to brigHten the mOOD oF anY over-crowDed US guLAg...
:: inciDentaLLy :: deNiAl IS paRT of the LIP- serviCe, foLKS!

neXt : she's poTenTIal court-mArtiAL baIT.
didN't couNT on thaT!
hell-soMe one'S gotta bE the faLLchICk
< mighT as weLL-bE tHe giRL neXtdoor... >

a friEnd of mIne arguEs:
"deMocraCY is the ideaL of the westerN woRLD::
a socIaL/poLiticAl theoRY thaT haS neVer bEEn

<<<<< fuLLY reaLIsed".>>>>>>

deMocraCy iS faNTaSY...
dictaTorShiPS =geNocIDe+miSerY=de-EvOlve=

i HAtE tHeM aLL...
theY aLL suCk greeDiLY frOm the saMe, goddaMN,
uniVeRSal- craCk-piPe- oF-our- oPPReSSIOn.

tHey belieVe in oNe voICe :::::
aNd oNe voICe ONLY ::::

eGo: teStoSterONe: arroGaNCe: domInatION: POWER.

staRs&StRipES, humBle megalomaniacaL shepHerDs, political theSpians in piNSTRipes.

how's abOUT sLippiNG-inTO-a-comfy-leaThER-coCkpIT-oF-a-braNd-nEw-coNvertabLE, boYS.
dROp massIVe doSeS of viaGra.
treK thRouGH soMe godforSakEn, trUmpiAN, maLe-bonDing retreat.
hoWL >>>>
sCreaM >>>>>
beaT youR chEsTS >>>>>>
geT it OUT of yOUR syStems

but keeP uS the hell ouT of iT. ..

## traNsMissIOn eNDs##


eNtrY #001 :: whaT is tHIs voYeUriSTiC heLL? ::

< TheRe's noThing roManTIC abouT TodaY >

I aWoKe tHIs morNING tO diScoVeR a mAn
haD bEEn beHeaDed bEcauSe of his nationalITY!
< YESterDay fiLLed me witH EvEn greAteR blOOdy optimISm. >
:::: heY-Ho, folks:::::::
saDisTiC practiCes aRe bAcK in voGUE
aNd hYPocRisy's the new BuzzwoRd...

LiKe - wHat tHe hell's goinG oN ouT theRe?

I don'T waNt to :: rEacT::
bUt I can't HelP it. I FEEl like a fucKing
voyEuriStic vulTURe devouRinG evEry digiTal morSel
laId ouT in tHis granD aNd elaBorate fEast of
miLLennIaL kaBle-life.

iT doEsn'T maTTer whO I am > becausE all iT iS =
a voiCe echOIng thRough spAce...
buT the fAct is I'm HeRe
< aNd I'm a wiTneSS >
We aLL aRe...

I love thiS worLD of enDless corriDors.
< I dOn't knoW who You are,
aNd neiTher yoU I. >

it's kinDa liKe bedsiT laND :: @4am::
wheRe the only ligHT thaT shinEs iS the waRM glAre
of a compuTer sCreen filleD wiTh woRdZ ...

# traNsMissION endS #