essay: #057: Russian Roulette

Pretty nasty.
This TGN1412, business.
Hey, Mr Pharmaceutical.
Run, come, inject me.
Inflate my head.
To three times, its normal size.
Intensive Care sabbatical.
Courtesy, of The Corporation.
For the little lab rats, in Cubicle #9.

c. cbs news

Trying to save a population.
That sometimes, resists.
Cyclones roar across eastern shores.
Dead dictators are laid out.
Like slabs of meat.
And six men float, critically.
Through TeGenero stasis.

Experiment on primal cousins.
Experiment on the highly-evolved.
What’s the difference?
Sacrifice the few.
For the masses.
Isn’t that, the way it goes?

For the sake of science.
And, the human race.
Foolish people commit unfathomable acts.
Whores, on both sides.

Human life.
All, too cheap.
"I feel bad, I had the placebo," sniffed one survivor.
It was like Russian Roulette.
I was doing it, for the money.
But 2000 pounds, is not worth your life.”

Enough said...

# transmission ends #