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essay: #060: eat me

eat me jaivin

Found a book, of erotica.
In Young, Adult Fiction, today.
Thought about, all the sorts of people.
It takes, to make this world, go round.

From the boy, in the window.
Who lives, opposite me.
Front lit, by the naked glow, of a computer screen.
Framed in such, a beautiful way.

And Not.
As we all, are.
In the end.

To a 7-year-old-child.
Who makes his momma, proud..
What you should know about me...
The question, on his textbook page.
I’m a nice kid…
He writes.
And, he is.

Eat Me.
That, was the name of the book.
Connotations, aplenty.
Secrets, within secrets.
Magnitudes, of light.
In these here, febrile times...

# transmission ends #