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eNtrY #001 :: whaT is tHIs voYeUriSTiC heLL? ::

< TheRe's noThing roManTIC abouT TodaY >

I aWoKe tHIs morNING tO diScoVeR a mAn
haD bEEn beHeaDed bEcauSe of his nationalITY!
< YESterDay fiLLed me witH EvEn greAteR blOOdy optimISm. >
:::: heY-Ho, folks:::::::
saDisTiC practiCes aRe bAcK in voGUE
aNd hYPocRisy's the new BuzzwoRd...

LiKe - wHat tHe hell's goinG oN ouT theRe?

I don'T waNt to :: rEacT::
bUt I can't HelP it. I FEEl like a fucKing
voyEuriStic vulTURe devouRinG evEry digiTal morSel
laId ouT in tHis granD aNd elaBorate fEast of
miLLennIaL kaBle-life.

iT doEsn'T maTTer whO I am > becausE all iT iS =
a voiCe echOIng thRough spAce...
buT the fAct is I'm HeRe
< aNd I'm a wiTneSS >
We aLL aRe...

I love thiS worLD of enDless corriDors.
< I dOn't knoW who You are,
aNd neiTher yoU I. >

it's kinDa liKe bedsiT laND :: @4am::
wheRe the only ligHT thaT shinEs iS the waRM glAre
of a compuTer sCreen filleD wiTh woRdZ ...

# traNsMissION endS #

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