eNtrY #003 ::sAriN-gaS-bLueS::

< wE viEw thiS woRLd thROUGh a genetiCaLLy-modiFied lens. >
aLL TaLkiNG HeaDs :
"aLL red, whiTe & fuCkINg bLue. "

eVERyONE haS somEthinG to Say..
boToXed-Tv- anChoReD- liPS- goRGe-on- exPert-fuCkINg-'aVeRagEJoE' tesTimoNY...
meanWhiLe :: ruRal miDweSt amErica:: hoLDs traiLEr paRKS & waL-mArt loGOS
at baY ::iN the tiMe it taKEs:: for long-dIStaNCe truCkers and unDerclass hoardS to cHuff uP
the hoMe-maDe metamphetamine:: >

THe Lab's surrOUNded bY chiCkeN cOOP..no urban graffiti tO bE foUnd!...

reliGion wraps its sinEwy limbS arouND geNocidE
whiLe quieTly zIppIng tHe bodyBaGs & doctoriNG the obiTuarY.
deMocraCy's erAsING ouR ideNtiTY.
SariN's hitcHIng a riDe on eL niNo's taiL aND prOmiSes sWeeT obLivIoN...

buY youR tiCkeT on tHe waY thRouGH, foLKS >
middLe-eaStern cuRRencY iS accepTED

raTionalize poWeR iN the WroNG hands
IN cleNCheD fiSTs of diVerSITY.
suPeRSize mE, bioeThNicaLLy cLeanSe mE,
teLL mE > whaT frEEdOm & liBerTY means?
teLL mE > whaT's reaL anD whaT's iMagINED?
teLL me > whY interveNTioN & thIRd pArtY iS...bUT a cRueL joKe?
teLL mE > wHy we'Re liVinG uNder tHe shaDOW of eLEvaTed THreat?
LivINg on boRRowed tiME?
:: whoSe timE? ::


TheN whY iS iT thaT I beGiN to chuCkle, softlY at fiRst?
iS it becaUSe the meter's ruNNinG?...
iS it becaUSe surveILLanCe & suspiCiON iS tHe individuaL's LoaD?
or is it becaUse it's all reaLLy, veRy, veRy fuNNy?
esPeciaLLy noW that tHE saViOur of tHe nEw woRld haS riSen?

{ rouNDs of warM applaUSe reSoNate thRouGh press-conFeREnce podiUmS wORldwiDe.}

I'd liKe to pReSeNt:

< the buSh-boT>
prototyPE# 66634698

I jUSt loVe thiS proto-tyPe; its arroganCe is eNdearIng, sinCere, in fact.
< especially wHen expOsed to the mediA fLash of idolatry. >
iT aLsO poSSesses aN astouNDing abiliTy
to communicate clairvoyaNTly wiTh the entIRe WesTern worLD,
whiCh is particularLY haNDy
wheN huntINg dowN eiTher WMD or "evIL" dicatators.
{goD forBid!}.
It's a slicK public speaKEr,
althougH iT haS beeN knoWN to orate 31-epiC-rollinG-minuTe-speecHEs
(wiThouT checkINg auto-Cue) .

(damn, theRe muSt be a viagra-iSed memoRy chip in there, somewhere) .

... whiLe extoLLing the gooD, chrisTian virTues
of thaT little ole whoRe knoWn as democracy!

LooK, I haVe notHIng persoNal aGaiNst < the bOT >
I underStaNd it is a kindA epiTome of WMD
:: if noT bY its aCtiONs alOne...
theN by iTs ridicuLouS assuMptiON thaT the enTiRE global populaTion neeDs democratisiNG.
It's liKe the blOODy schOOlyArd buLLY
< usiNG coertIOn as the only meaNs necessary >
anD I haTe the facT that IT appearS to be draGGinG uS deePer inTO
:: a veRy, verY darK aGe ::
aN abYss wheRe civIL-LibeRty wiLL {sOON} be but a disTant meMOry.

oN the flipSide > fundaMentaliSm sucKS too.
< tHe bin-LadEn boT > haSn't exaCtly scoRed poiNts eiTheR.
to Be blUNt ...
I couldn'T caRe LeSs abOUT theSe poWer-hunGry hyBrids oF ouR owN makING.
I juSt waNT soME goddaMN sanITY baCk agaIN.
I don'T waNT to juMp ouT of mY skIN everYtimE a car baCkfiRes...
I don'T wanT to be aN obedieNT slaVe to the evanGelicAl mediA gods
who spiN theiR propogAnda wiTH a libEral sprinKLing of truTH.

daMn, noW thoSe :: sariN-gaS-bLuEs :: reaLLY goT mE!

# traNsmiSSiOn enDs #

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