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essay: #043 Rings Of Steel

"Just like the image of the Luton four, like the frozen frame of Mohamed Atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers, as he strolls through the airport, we are confronted by the impossibility of divining evil intent. There is nothing in the face, the manner, the situation. All are blandly normal.

"The cameras, like our own eyes, may glimpse the moment, but they cannot read the already calculating mind. That's left for us to read from the image after the fact, then ponder at our leisure."- Jonathan Green, The Age Newspaper.


Uncertain words.
For uncertain times.
With polarity.
With what we understand.
What we don't.

Other's actions.
Cracked up.
Fucked up.
But always
Illuminating to the core.

Bombs exploding everywhere.
Brits show stoicism.
Through shell shock.

I saw the wire and it hit me: he's a suicide bomber." - Commuter, Shepherds Bush, London.

2.5 million surveillance cameras
Mounted within four outposts.
Of London's
Rings of Steel.
Sweet jesus.
Qur'an's riding the subway.
On the spines.
Of bomb-rigged-prophets.

People are stunned.
But not.
Overly surprised.


Shoot a man to death
In front of commuters.

Blair apologizes.
After the fact.
Bad luck, buddy.
Wrong place.
Wrong time.

But still.
I dream of.
Asahi for my sweetheart.
In London
In Summertime.

And missed.

* *


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