essay: #048: Eyes of a Child.

c. AFP.com

There's a quote, that haunts me.

From a time, long before suicide bombers,took over the world.
When we punctured a hole in the sky..
Split the fucking atom and the universe, wide apart.

"I am sure at the end of the world, in the last millisecond of the earth's existence humanity will see what we have just seen..." -
George Kistiakowsky, Head of Implosion Department
, Manhattan Project, 1944.

Now, earthquakes, bombs and bitch hurricanes.

Wipe our blood, red meridians clean.

From the bone.
Erasing our footprints from the plasma sands of our own destruction.
Grainy, fleeting, just slips through the tips.

Reading novels, immersing in the surreal.
About suicide bomber cyclists.
About Al-Jazeera, behind the scenes.

Pure & Radiant Hearts, thank you, Lydia!

Heaven in a Chip, barcode for the flesh, for tomorrow.

Godfathers of the A-bomb.

Come see your playground, now.

Too tired to cry, busy watching bodies being excavated.

From 7.6 magnitude eruptions.
RIP estimated 35,000 dead.
From poverty to the grave, with little in the middle...

Drifting off...
Wondering, can a millisecond truly last a lifetime?

# transmission ends #

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