essay: #079: Franks Wild Years

Tom Waits

Numbers fascinate.
As does the relativity.
Of a windowless world.
A safe.
The click of hard, cold cash.
So early, in the morning.

Of love.
And its multiplicity.
Of currency.
Great and small.

Gaza strip takeover.
High tide.
At home.
And abroad.

Fog clings.
For days.

Tom Waits keeps me warm.
I see arteries to my momma's heart.
The devil on a Greyhound bus.
And a man afraid of his shadow...

# #

A patient lies in a hospital bed.
A stranger,in white.
The doctor, approaches:
“Sir, goods news, we're moving you to your own room."
“Fantastic,” says the patient.

Two days later.
Radioactive man.
And atomic particle.
A bleached shadow.
In quarantine...

# transmission ends #

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