essay: #091: Anna's Lament

anna's lament
'Museum of purgatory'

A woman's silhouette.
Lights the treadmill.
By 6.30am's eerie glow.
"Motivation is a habit..."
Flickers the screen.

A man, meanwhile.
Guards a hydro-powered car.
In metropolis.
Tornadoes sweep Atlanta.
Room Service, guns, and Ricin.
Courtesy, Hotel Vegas.

Jakarta's idyllic rice paddies.
Volcanoes and ocean, too.
In my skin.
In my skin.
Scanners darkly and lightly.

Subtropical heat.
For days now.
Desert blowin' in.
An Environment Minister.
Spoke, last night.
Launched a book.
Spread the word.
Color me Kyoto.
Color me, next stop....

# transmission ends #

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