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essay: #050: Kung Fu Hustle

< Vegas >

Just in from Sin City.
Satellite outpost.
In the desert sands.

What goes on there, stays there!
Or so I'm told.
Click of a million cameras.
A million chips.
A million paychecks.
A million helicopter blades.
Deep into the sunrise.

Nevada blues never got me.
Windowless alleys where time has no meaning.
To Joshua Trees.
And streets with no name.

Oh so pretty, this City of Angels.
Tagged and sometimes not.
Architectural prism of light.
Canyon oasis.
Statelines and Louisiana diners.
Cheap and nasty.
To fields of wind propellers.
And street parties in Palm Springs.

Losing my heart.
In the excess and golden smiles.
In the knowing.
And the unknowable.

Post 9/11-world.
Retreats into the distance.
For now.
Only this.
Red, White & Blue.
Blood & Beans Tour.

A work in progress....

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