essay: #051: Postscript, 2005.

< Palm Springs >

Sighs and whispers.
Words between pictures.
Tsunami and hurricane.
Bodybags litter our terrain.

Everything's illuminated.
Optimism, amid the turmoil.
Awareness, of a different kind.

Tasted culture, this year.
Traveled many miles.
Across sky.
Across ocean.
To lands, far, far away.

Through forests of wind turbines.
And the click of a million Vegas chips.
Venice Beach, where the palm trees sway.
To the digital fingerprinting.
And biometric eye scans.
Of tomorrow.
Of me.
On file.
Into Planet Surveillance mainframe.

Felt the heartbeat of my baby.
Curled in tight.
On an endless, Californian night.

Carpe diem!
That's what we're supposed to do.

Sweet and divine.
Every last moment.
Put it into perspective?

Greatest Story Ever Told.

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